Crystal Report Active X Viewer Control

I was talking to a friend the other day and she told me that as a teacher, the internet to manage student's exams and marks with internet explorer, always seems to require the crystal report Active X viewer control. In this day and age it is kind of a necessity. Her system runs Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 8. If you are running the same or lower however, then you may have noticed accessing web pages could be a hassle. Anyone else who may have problems with the Active X, I hope you find this helpful.

So what could be some of the problems causing Active X not to load / Function?

If your screen displays a grey box with a red "X" then the problem could be that the Active X control has not loaded. This could be as a result of security settings being set to prevent the loading of Active X controls:

If you wish to download the Crystal report Active X viewer control however:

If you have previously accessed an online application with a previous version of Crystal report Active X viewer control, then your computer may have an old version of the Active X Report Viewer installed and this could be causing the problem.

If that is your case then you need to remove the old version from the "Downloaded Program Files" and downloading a new copy. The file is accessible from the Internet Explorer so you do not necessarily have to minimize or exit the explorer.

Another (and perhaps better) option is installing Crystal report Active X viewer control manually. This is by downloading the cabinet file to a folder in your hard disc.

The Microsoft support team suggests a clean boot to ensure no third party (Antivirus) programs are blocking the installation. The steps are listed on Microsoft's Support Centre. Another option available from Microsoft is by Microsoft optimizing the Internet Explorer to help resolve the problem this could be done by visiting Another issue could be the system calling the file "iexplore.exe" from the wrong folder (C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe) this has been reported to have a problem with the 64bit compatible version. If the above have not worked, try changing the app to call the 32 bit version of iexplore.exe from (C:\Program Files(X86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe).

Hope this helped and that you will have a good time with your Crystal report Active X viewer control.